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Because of its small wings your newly bought pet bird has developed an appetite for digging holes in your garden, in which one he has disappeared.
You're a bit worried about that. Flying wasn't his thing, but you neither think birds are made to live underground. You think it’s a good idea to try get him back to the surface, preferably before lunchtime.
Luckily you have a typewriter which is always eager to give you some advice.

Simple Controls

The entire game can be played by only using your keyboard.
Use the WAXD-keys to walk around and press Enter to do something with the object you're facing.

The Lost Bird - The Comic

The Lost Bird and its characters are based on my Instagram comic, which can be found at  https://www.instagram.com/oliviersted/
The comic can also be read on paper by ordering your copy at https://www.oliviersted.nl/publicaties/write/


Write_TheLostBird.zip 2 MB

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